Mandatory Voting

October 12th 2016

By George Cadwalader

“If a bovine majority is willing to let itself be ruled by activist minorities, then… what we have is no longer a democracy”

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Letters to the Editor

  • Peter Barnet: "The Founders never thought that most citizens would not care enough to vote, let alone cast an ignorant one" [read more]
  • John Cogswell: "…it is an illusion to think that voting by itself can ever be a solution." [read more]
  • George Doubleday: "… the more likely solution is probably vote-by-mail" [read more]
  • Gerald McGee: "I would only support mandatory voting if it were coupled by mandatory public or military service" [read more]
  • Peter Moore: "The ills that afflict the body politic are not going to be cured by the fraction of the population that turns out on election day" [read more]
  • Haven Pell: "…it is hard to see the difference between 120 million low information voters and 180 million low information voters" [read more]
  • David Simmons: "I was seriously considering not voting until I read this" [read more]
  • Thomas H. Tucker: "…the real problem in the U.S. is not really voter participation but rather voter registration."[read more]
  • Michael Wyly: "We now have a new version of royalty, surrounded by vassals willing to do anything for 'the crown'" [read more]