Wanted: Dead!

December 21st 2016

By Robert Hardy

"One cannot bomb an idea or an ideology and IS can survive physical defeat and dispersion.”

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Letters to the Editor

  • John Hennessy: "Forget the idea of us and or our allies arming or advising any participants." [read more]
  • Jean Klaimepenser: "We must . . . launch a full ideological war . . . without worrying about shaking up moderate Islam." [read more]
  • John MacMurray: "I would deal in the short run with ISIS the same way Alexander the Great dealt with Thebes." [read more]
  • Peter Moore: "Trump is responding exactly the way ISIS wants him to." [read more]
  • Dan Simpson: "The idea of Iran pursuing a new “Persian Empire”, and as the most serious enemy, is just wrong." [read more]
  • Stefano Starace Janfolla: "Iran is perceived as a mortal danger by Israel whereas Saudi Arabia is not." [read more]
  • Thomas H. Tucker: ". . . we should reexamine our unconditional support for Israel." [read more]
  • Michael Wyly: "Walesa, said that it was the Catholic Church with the stronger ideology that defeated Soviet communism." [read more]