Fake News in the Post Truth Era and How to Fix it

October 19th 2017

Fake News in the Post Truth Era
and How to Fix it
By Peter Barnet

"Without accountability for free speech there can be no trust and without trust our democracy is doomed."

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Letters to the Editor

  • Peter Moore: “The first amendment should not protect anonymous speech.” [read more]
  • William Jastromb: “Fake news is at the heart of what we think is the role of government in a resilient democracy.” [read more]
  • Haven Pell: “The NY Times is ... responsible for its content ... Should Facebook be less so?” [read more]
  • Joe McCarthy: “We have become a society of protesters ... on behalf of individual myopic self-interest.” [read more]
  • Pierre Everaert: “The proposed solution ... might very well eliminate “fake news” forever.” [read more]
  • Michael Wyly: “If We The People ... do not ... separate true news from fake news ... the American dream is over.” [read more]
  • Charles Deahl: “It is not the ... fake news that makes the difference; it is the receiver, the reader, the voter ...” [read more]
  • John MacMurray: “Franklin would have been revolted by ... the First Amendment’s prohibition of Congress making any law abridging the freedoms of the press or speech ...” [read more]
  • Richard Collier: “A reporter writes a story that's news. It consumes only eleven column inches. The editor has a need for thirty ...” [read more]