The Existential Threat of Cyber: From Hibernation to Cybernation

November 10th 2018

The Existential  Threat of Cyber: From Hibernation to Cybernation

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"We are in an epic race in cyberspace for competitive advantage in the economic, political and military sectors."

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Letters to the Editor

  • Michael Wyly: “Why did we ever start sending classified information via cyber in the first place?” [read more]
  • E.D. Aronson: “Cyber has no moral compass.” [read more]
  • Peter Barnet: “If we do not ignite the necessary national will, it is unlikely we could prevail.” [read more]
  • Jim Webb: “In matters related to intelligence ... centralization can be a dangerous concept.” [read more]
  • Lee Gaillard: “How much attention will DHS ... pay to cybersecurity given its numerous other foci?” [read more]
  • David Forrest: “A clear and present danger to our nation is posed by the current cold war in cyber.” [read more]
  • Jean-Marc Vervelle: “The only way to protect intellectual innovation ... is to keep on creating intellectual innovation.” [read more]
  • John MacMurray: “... liberty cannot be traded cheaply.” [read more]
  • Charles Crawford: “If the government isn't treating this threat as it does a nuclear attack, it ought to" [read more]
  • George Cadwalader: “reduce the ... value of ... imports from [China] by ... the value of intellectual steals.” [read more]